How to update Plex on Ubuntu

Ever wondered how to update Plex properly on Ubuntu? They release them often and sometimes they’re required to continue using parts of their web service.


Copy the download link of the latest version from their site here. You will need to find the 64-bit Ubuntu download link on this site (depending on your deployment).


Next SSH onto the server and run the following command (making sure you replace the URL with the one you have copied):



The above will start the download of the debian package and once done you will simply need to run the command to install it (ensuring that you have replaced the below debian package with the one you have downloaded):

dpkg -i plexmediaserver_1.3.4.3285-b46e0ea_amd64.deb


Now all you have to do is remove the unneeded package installer (again replacing the file name with your own):

rm plexmediaserver_1.3.4.3285-b46e0ea_amd64.deb


There’s not much to it but is one of those things you may find doing often to get the additional bugs and new features brought along with every release.

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  1. Bernard Faucher says:

    Thank you! For some reason, I couldn’t update Plex anymore from the GUI, now I am set!

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